Lucky Day?

So, supposedly this is the luckiest day of the century – 7/7/07… let me see. I did get to spend the entire day with my husband just hanging out taking care of little stuff so I guess that is pretty lucky. Mostly we ran piddly errands picking up stuff to get the house in order for baby. He did a lot of work this morning cleaning the room out. We’ve both been going through our closets and putting away winter clothes, weeding through clothes to give to charity, etc. This week is also free trash week in Kansas City. Our city in its infinite wisdom decided a few years ago that two trash bags per household per week was plenty. Each bag after that costs $1 and you have to have a special tag to put on those bags. It’s a hassle. But this week we can put out as many bags as we wish. So, we have two more days to weed through things that we just don’t need anymore but are not nice enough to give away. My storage boxes are still in the bedroom and Cosmo has discovered he can climb them to get up on the shelf and out of Harley’s reach.

Yesterday we celebrated my nephew’s 16th birthday with a round of miniature golf with my mom, aunt and uncle (and of course said nephew) and then went out to lunch. Wouldn’t you know it we picked the hottest day of the year to be outside. We had a good time but it was HOT! That really wiped me out.

Yesterday morning we had to go to the bank and I had to go have a blood draw. We had time for a hair cut before the golf so we stopped in at Great Clips. A “biker” couple came in and both of them were having their hair cut. The guy got finished first and went to pay, he asked the woman in a whisper how much the woman’s haircut was going to be and when he heard $14 he said he’d pay for it too. I’m wondering if this is a new dating ritual, the morning after hair cut. I figured I was lucky to get breakfast out after a one night stand. I wonder if there are any other perks? New outfit? Accessories? Just something to ponder.

Had my second phone interview yesterday, I think it went well. They said next step for finalists would be an interview in Dallas and I should hear something in the next few weeks.

Wednesday is the new Harry Potter movie. My nephew and I have gone to every Harry Potter movie on opening day and I’m happy to say this year will be no exception. Wednesday morning Mom is going to bring him to the theater in Independence, we’ll go to the movie then he’ll come home with me for a few days… yeah! Maybe we’ll get to go to Dave and Buster’s for dinner one night…. I know he loves that.

I’m hoping Monday I can download the cameras and work on some layouts. There have been some great freebies on the web lately and I’d like to put them to good use!


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