Super Productive Day

We got up early today and actually made it to the 8:30am service at church. Afterwards we stopped in at Starbucks for a quick mocha and breakfast then on to Costco to stock up. We now have enough cleaning supplies to last until the end of the year I swear.

Once we got home we tackled the basement storage area. It’s basically an overgrown closet. We took everything out and went through it box by box. By the time we were done we had eight or nine trash bags and another 4 bags of clothes to donate. We now have a ton more storage area in there and everything that is currently in there is labeled in bins. I think tomorrow night we’ll start moving boxes from the garage inside and sorting through them. Maybe we’ll be able to get everything in that storage area and not have to have so much in the garage. I’m now wiped out but really happy with everything we accomplished.

Tonight is a full TV night… Big Brother; Next Food Network Star and Ice Truckers. I’m planning on sorting through the boxes of photos I have and getting them into proper storage boxes by date while we watch.

Hopefully the plumber will call tomorrow. We have a leak… I think it’s the shower. It’s ruining the wall in the laundry room and the ceiling in the basement. It’s covered by our home buyers warranty… now it’s just getting a plumber to call. I’m free every day but Wednesday this week… of course, that will be the day they will want to come!

Today would have been my Dad’s 74th birthday. This is a layout I did of him on our trip to Canada fishing 7 years ago. Template by Jennifer Woodbury, kit is Heather Ann Designs Two If By Sea.


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