Another Lost Day

After all of the productivity of yesterday I was absolutely wiped today. I remember picking up one box yesterday and thinking “that was a mistake” about 30 seconds after doing so, as Jim was grabbing it out of my hands. Thus I’ve looked more like a question mark today than an upright person. Several naps, a lot of time in bed with the dog keeping me company — she snores!

When I woke up tonight to a pounding noise I found the source to be a small boy who had been playing with the neighbor boy and lost a ball over the fence. I retrieved said ball and then realized my husband should be around here somewhere. Soon into my search I spotted them walking up the street with Jim’s belt around Harley’s neck. Apparently she had escaped while he was taking the trash out and took him on quite the trek. He was not happy. I was reading to him about another lab that was up for adoption and all the commands it knew and said we ought to trade her in… she promptly whapped me in the leg with her Kong Wubba… apparently she UNDERSTANDS what I’m saying she just chooses not to listen.

The plumber did call this morning. They will be coming tomorrow to find the source of our leak… and hopefully fix it. We still have protection under our homebuyer warranty so it’s the luck of the draw who they send when we call. Lucky for us they’re sending a company we dealt with a couple of times last year and we were always very happy with their service.

Yesterday when we were working in the basement I was sorting through the CDs on the desk and think I got all of the rest of my pictures that were still floating around on CD onto the computer. These pictures are from Easter 2000. My Soroptimist group had been doing a fundraiser offering pictures with the Easter Bunny at a local Target store the Friday and Saturday before Easter. The woman who rented the costume had asked if I’d be responsible for getting it back to the costume rental place on Monday… hmmm, I’ll actually have a full bunny costume on Easter morning? Rock on! I told my Aunt about it because I was going to park down the street so the kids didn’t see my car. What I forgot about was Mom’s neighbor across the street always has like 100 people at her house Easter. I was surrounded by kids with really limited vision. For the first 20 minutes I did photo ops in our yard for all the kids visiting the neighborhood. People shoving babies in my arms and me thinking will someone please adjust my head! After we went inside everyone had to try on the bunny head. It was a great day. Layout is from Amanda Lee’s Board Shorts. Paper and rabbit are from Michelle Underwood’s Cottontail Kit. Labels are Labelmaker from Atomic Cupcake.


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