Harry Potter and Home Repairs

Tomorrow is the long awaited Harry Potter 5 movie. I can’t wait. I’m meeting Mom and Donald for lunch at noon and then Donald and I will catch the 1:10pm performance. I’m ordering the tickets tonight so we’ll be all set tomorrow. After that Donald will come home with me and we’ll have him for two whole days!!! YEAH!!!

The home repair people came today and fixed both our leaks. We have a couple of new holes in the laundry room wall now where they had to cut to get access to the pipes but repairing them should be pretty easy. They also found that the leak in the basement ceiling was a loose supply line on the dishwasher. Jim’s been busy tonight repairing the cosmetic damage to the ceiling and making sure we don’t get a mold problem.

The OB office called today. WBC is still elevated. It’s back up to its highest but still not “dangerous” level. They are planning on checking it again in 6-8 weeks and keeping in close contact with the hematologist. They say that after the baby is born they want me to go back to the hematologist and see if the levels come down and if not get a game plan of where to go from there.


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