There is Peace in the Kingdom

Last night Jim got right on making the cosmetic repairs from the leaks when he got home. He was re-spraying the ceiling in the basement and apparently Harley was helping to supervise… this is what she looked like when she came bounding into the bedroom.

Today I met Mom and Donald for lunch and then Donald and I went to the movie. It was pretty good but I think the others were better. We are now home and Donald is on the computer in the basement and of course Harley is with him. I’m enjoying a bit of peace and quiet.

I got a call from a family friend today and she wants to throw a baby shower in October. I’m so excited. Hopefully later tonight we can touch base.

Jim is bringing home steaks and for dinner tonight. Tomorrow Donald is going to help me with some stuff around the house that I need help with and then tomorrow night we are taking him to Dave and Buster’s for dinner.


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