Bring on Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, so far so good. I do have a killer headache starting but I think that’s more the Taco Bell I had for lunch than bad luck.

Harley saw Donald sleeping on the couch from the sliding glass door this morning and it took me 45 minutes to get her to quit barking in the bedroom because she was so desperate to get to him. When I got home from taking him home she searched every inch of the house, including climbing on furniture to look out every window, and when she realized he wasn’t here she laid on the landing whimpering. Luckily Jim got home early and that consoled her a bit. She is shedding like a banshee right now. It’s horrible… huge tufts of hair. Tomorrow she is going to get a nice bath and hopefully knock out the rest of the shedding. The carpet looks like it is black with cream flecks most of the time which is leading to the need to vacuum EVERY day… ugh! Jim tried vacuuming her tonight… she couldn’t decide if she liked it or not.

Jim and I are planning a quiet evening at home. No errand running, no house work, just vegging out together. Hopefully Cosmo and Harley will get on board and settle down so we’re not up running after or refereeing them every minute.

Tomorrow along with a ton of housework we have errands to run. Mom’s birthday is next Saturday so we need to go get her gift. And I need to settle on some fabric for the nursery so we’ll probably be hitting a few fabric stores. I also want to get some letters to do a wall hanging of the baby’s name for the nursery wall. The plan is to finish cleaning out that room this weekend so that we can start stripping wallpaper border and have that ready to paint/paper by August.

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