Another Challenge Completed

This week’s Wordy Wednesday challenge was to use a word repetitively in your journaling. This is a poem we used in our wedding program. It’s been a favorite of ours. The pocket watch I gave Jim on our wedding day is engraved “You are my best time”. This is also my favorite picture of him from our wedding. He’s very photogenic and always takes a good picture.

Jim takes such good care of me. You would think pregnancy has made me a complete invalid, he doesn’t like me to do anything! It was so funny this morning to hear him on the phone with the warranty company and plumber, “you have to come today, my wife is pregnant and I can’t have this in my house”. He also cleaned up all the mess from the back up and the repairs. He’s used ammonia, he’s steam cleaned carpet, he’s sanitized walls… quite a guy. On top of that he’s apologized that he got “sidetracked” with that today and didn’t get anything else done.

Layout is from Miss Kim. Paper and embellishments are Gina Cabrera’s Rhythm in Blues.


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