Harry Potter

I’m halfway through the new Harry Potter and the first thing I said to my husband about it was, “gee, they’re going to have a heck of a time with the movie for this one!”.

We got up Saturday morning and stopped at Barnes and Noble on the way to Mom’s to pick up my copy. I didn’t pre-order because I figured I could go Saturday morning and have it faster than it would have been delivered anyway. We got out to Mom’s and she wanted to open her presents first. I was very pleased that she really liked them.

We worked like dogs in the garage and basement for the next four hours stopping only for a bit of lunch. I’m happy to say we got a lot done and made a huge difference. She was impressed with how hard Jim works. She was really happy with everything that we got accomplished and even though we’re all sore as can be today we are glad we got it all done on a “cooler” day of the summer.

I slept from 6:30pm – 11:00pm last night then woke up with reflux. So I stayed up and read until 4am then back to sleep until about 1:30pm today. While I was asleep Jim was up making food for me this week since he’s out of town Monday-Wednesday. I swear I have enough pasta to have a dinner party for 6-8 people. He also mowed the lawn, moved shelves from the garage to the basement; moved a chest from the laundry room to the garage; cleaned the kitchen and got all the laundry caught up. He’s now taking a well deserved nap!

I’m heading back to Harry Potter.


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