Old Family Home Remedies

When I was out at Mom’s this past weekend she showed me an index card she had found on which my Great Aunt Eula had written three home remedies on that all use apple cider vinegar. The first on was for Chronic Fatigue. Apparently you take three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and mix it with a cup of honey then take two tablespoons. According to the recipe it “works better than a lullabye pill”. When Jim got home tonight and found out that I not only have my days and nights flipped but also have an interview in the morning he decided to make it for me. Now Aunt Eula is the same woman who made lye soap that we all still have a chunk of and joke that it will either get the stain out or eat a whole through the fabric. I called my Aunt Barb to tell her that Jim was making it and we joked that it would either put me to sleep or eat a hole in my stomach. Well, I’ll never know if it works… one sip and I was to put it mildly VIOLENTLY ill. So much for old family home remedies.


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