Random Blather

First off, this kid of ours can really move! Unfortunately it always seems to be when I am trying to sleep. I swear last night he was having his own personal rugby game. Where it doesn’t help my sleeping any it is amazing and very comforting to feel him moving so much. If he moves this much out of the womb we’ll never get a good grip on him!

My aunt called me this morning to give me great news. She had rotator cuff surgery earlier this year and just got her final release from the doctor. She has done such a great job in her recovery. She’s sucked it up during physical therapy and is doing great, I’m so proud of her. She told me that she told the doctor she only had one concern. She has a new great nephew coming in October and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to pick him up. The doctor assured her she’d be more than able in October if she kept up with her exercises. She told me that she had decided worse case she could sit down and someone could hand her the baby… I can’t believe that this is what’s been worrying her… whether or not she could hold Robert! Brought tears to my eyes.

Jim and I went out to dinner tonight so I could get my favorite, chicken fried chicken. It really hit the spot. Tomorrow it’s tackling he house… ugh! But it has to be done.


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