Man It’s Hot Out!!!

Kansas City is in the middle of a heat wave… high 90s and humid! UGH! It was so hot last night in the bedroom I wound up having to come out to the couch where it was cooler. When Jim left today he told me not to go out unless I had to… so far I haven’t had to! Jim left for Laguna Beach, CA today where I see it’s 74… lucky guy!

Doctor’s office called yesterday… I passed my three hour glucose test… yeah!!! I was so happy and relieved it wasn’t even funny. Of course, they kept me on pins and needles all day calling about 5pm.

Thursday I’m headed to Dallas for an interview. If Jim was going to be in town I would have taken the option of flying in Wednesday night. But since he doesn’t get back until 12:30pm on Thursday it just didn’t seem worth it to kennel Harley. My flight out is at 6:05am…. ugh! Luckily getting through security at Kansas City airport is no problem so I should be ok getting there at 5 since it’s assigned seats. I get back home at 8:40pm.

The other job I’m in the running for called references today. Hopefully I have an offer (or two) really soon. I think I’ve decided which one I would like most if two offers come in.

Harley is in wild woman mode… she’s just starting to realize that Daddy probably isn’t coming home tonight. Hopefully she settles soon.


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