It’s Crazy…But I Love Him

OK, we’re crazy but my husband really deserves a treat. I married the world’s most wonderful man to begin with but there are also times when he really outdoes himself. Jim has been so great through all my pregnancy sickness and layoff. On top of working a full week every week and not taking any vacation so that he can have time off stored up for when RC comes, he has also taken care of the majority of stuff at home. Including Cosmo’s litter box, him never having to change the litter box was a condition of us getting the cat in the first place. He’s gone above and beyond what most men would. He cooks, he cleans, he keeps the yard… and he makes me feel like I am worth it.

He had just gotten home from his Long Beach trip when I was opening my email… three emails from cigar companies. I’m on these lists from ordering gifts for him. I opened the one from 2 Guys Smoke Shop and read this….

Two Guys Smoke Shop is celebrating our 22nd Anniversary with a night of Music, Laughs, Food, Drink, Cigars and Fun. OCTOBER 10,2007 beginning at 7pm 220 ticket holders will be greeted with 22 premium cigars and flowing hors d ourves and music from a 12 piece band Manchuka with comedy and music from The Guy from Boston.

Later, a 5 course Italian Feast will be presented by The Food Network Star Tommy Grella who will take our feast to a bigger and better level. Cigar celebrities will certainly be on hand to talk about their cigars and meet all the cigar fans.

The folks from Jack Daniels Whiskey will join us as we toast to a fun 22 years in the cigar business with a shot of Single Barrel Whiskey that was made just for this special night. All ticket holders will leave with a full bottle of this special Jack Daniels Whiskey to take home with them.

If that isn’t enough, and it isn’t, eliminations will take place throughout the night and one lucky person will have a chance to win $22,222.22 in our game show called Close but No Cigar.

There can only be 220 tickets sold and half are gone in just 1 week, the others won’t last long. Tickets are $222 each but we are offering a special advance buy to you, buy your tickets now and pay just $200.

This looked way cool. I read it to him and his face lit up. I offered to send him as his anniversary/birthday present. It’s only 13 days before our due date. He hesitated and said he couldn’t but then after a bit more discussion (and figuring out what part of the country they are in) I was on the phone buying a ticket. So, October 10-11 Jim will be north of Boston having a blast at his first big cigar dinner. It’s small enough in size I think he’ll be comfortable by himself and the give-aways more than pay for the ticket. Not to mention we watched Next Food Network Star and liked Tommy. He is a little worried about the what ifs… what if I go into labor while he’s gone (all of 36 hours). I told him that RC would come when he’s going to come and if it happened to be in that 36 hour block it will be another great story in our life how I was stupid enough to insist he go do something. I really hope he has a blast… one last big hurrah before the baby comes.


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