Jim’s Been Stripping All Day

…wall paper that is. He got all the border and accent wall paper off the walls in RCs room today… yeah!!! Tomorrow he’ll start patching and sanding so we could be painting as soon as next weekend. So ready to have that project done so we can move on to the other 100 projects that have to come after.

I am getting really excited about starting my new job Monday. Still working on getting my days and nights flipped back so the first few days will probably be difficult schedule wise but we should be back in the swing of things soon.

My new “professional” pregnancy wardrobe arrived in on Friday. A few pairs of black pants; four shirts and a blazer. That should hold me over for the next 10 weeks.

Yesterday I woke up gagging from reflux… oh how I love reflux. Somehow on the way from the sink to the bathroom I managed to whack my forehead into the door jam going approximately 107 MPH. I’m nursing a nice little welt now and it aches a bit.

We ran to Kohl’s last night because they are having one of their big sales. I got a new pair of Nike tennis shoes for $26 along with a couple of maternity bras and some bowls and mugs that match our kitchen plates… everything at least 50% off…. love discounts!


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