New Nightly Challenge

Our new evening entertainment is the Peanuts edition of Uno. We’ve been having a blast playing it. There is a “Good Grief” card that makes the player it’s played upon draw until they get a card with Charlie Brown on it… Jim holds the record with 31! That’s over a fourth of the deck! We kept score last night… Jim beat me handily. Looks like tonight it’s a rematch.

It’s only Wednesday… ugh. I had a horrible migraine Monday which led to me coming home after lunch and locking myself in a quiet, dark room. It started Sunday night and at one point I was within a smidgen of going to the hospital. After next week I can no longer take my beloved Excedrin Migraine so I’m looking for other ways to get some relief if they persist.

Saturday morning I’m going to the office to help with inventory. Jim will finish the paint in the nursery while I’m gone. Sunday Jim leaves for Amarillo and will be gone until Wednesday. Then Labor Day weekend will be upon us. My time is flying!


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