He’s Coming Home On A Jet Plane…

Jim has been in Amarillo teaching a class since Sunday. He was supposed to get home an hour ago but his flight from Dallas was delayed. We have a joke that the one sure way to make it rain in KC is to put him on a plane coming home. Apparently his powers work in other cities too, it’s raining in Dallas. Just got the alert his plane has taken off… so he should be home in a couple of hours. With his luck it will be raining in KC by the time they get here and he’ll be circling forever.

I’m so ready for him to be home. Harley is a total wreck with him out of town. She waffles back and forth between laying around lethargic and being in my face insisting on having all of my attention — that’s the mode she’s in right now.

Of course tomorrow he’s on the road all day to Jefferson City but will be home in the evening. I think he’s going to take a comp. day on Friday to catch up on sleep (and housework). then we have a three day weekend all together… yeah!!!


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