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These Kids Are Driving Me Crazy

The small furry one, Cosmo, will not leave the nursery. Since Cosmo was our first furry child and is extremely attached to me I was worried how he’d react to a new little one in the house. So, I read all the animal advice and they all said let him have acccess to the nursery to explore. So we put up a “cat proof” gate and have left it unlatched at various times so he could go in and explore. Well, he started sleeping in the crib so I decided that he’s “explored” enough and began latching the gate. Turns out even though it’s “extra high” he can jump it. That creates a bit of a pickle when the baby actually gets here. Guess we’ll just have to shut the door.

Harley, the larger furry one… oh my. First off she’s gotten to be an A-1 food theif. Her spoils in the past 12 hours include half of a piece of chocolate cake and six homemade cherry turnovers. She’s also back to her nightly game of going outside then coming back and jumping on the door… ok, she’s ready to come in. So I’ll roll out of bed and go to the door where she sits, looking at me like, “can’t you come out and play”. This will go on three or four times before I finally coax her in. Maybe I should just keep cake and turnovers by the door…. LOL.

And finally, little Robert. I swear this kid is just fat and happy and is never going to come out. Granted, he’s technically not due yet but Mommy has a strict weight limit rule and he’s going to exceed it soon. There are absolutely no signs whatsoever that he’s even considering making an appearance anytime soon. According to one of my countdown tickers he will now turn towards light. Wonder if I get a light source bright enough if he’ll move towards it. Perhaps I should try coaxing HIM out with chocolate cake.

Housework is done and it’s so nice to have a clean house. Laundry is still coming up to be folded but it’s getting put up the minute it comes upstairs. I think everything I need for my hospital bag is clean so I just need to choose a bag and put it all in it. I’ll finish up my files for work while the Chiefs game is on this afternoon. All in all it’s turned out to be a pretty productive weekend.


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Making Progress

Got all my thank you notes written last night and in the mail today. Yeah!!! We did a thorough cleaning of the bedroom this morning. All clean clothes are folded and put away. All dirty ones taken to the laundry room where Jim is busting them out. Works good… he totes and washes then totes back to bedroom and I can fold while laying in bed. He even steam cleaned the bedroom carpet… what a difference that made!

Took a break to go shopping. For God’s sake never try to return anything to Target unless you have a few hours. Got baby bath stuff because for some reason I just wasn’t comfy not having a baby bathtub in the house this very second, along with baby shampoo… I know, it’s just a weird nesting thing. We also took our coupons and stocked up on diapers and wipes, etc. Then it was on to the pharmacy aisle. Seems like we were out of everything from toothpaste to peroxide. That was Jim’s nesting, making sure there are plenty of drugs and first aid products in the house.

Finally we swung through Home Depot. Another return… except there they could credit back my account no problem even though I didn’t have my Home Depot card with me (to avoid those spur of the moment new appliance incidents). We got new switch plates and socket covers for our bedroom… it’s only been a year since we took off the old ones to paint. We got really cool decorative ones and that is currently making me happy. We also got pull chain ends for the new ceiling fans since neither of them came with them. Pretty plain ones for our room but a baseball bat and baseball for Robert’s room. Jim is running around now putting all this stuff up. He fixed the return vent in the bedroom under the careful supervision of Cosmo. This cat cracks me up how he always has to have his nose in the middle of any home improvement project that Jim is working on. I love how he sometimes looks at Jim like he’s questioning something he’s done or trying to give him instruction.

I’m back to folding then going to tackle the bathrooms. For some reason that’s the one room Jim absolutely will not clean, even though I’m convinced he makes the most mess in there. He’s tackling the living room and entry way.

Talked to my Mom this morning. She is entertaining my niece this weekend and they are having a really good time. I told her I got my niece’s birthday present last night so if they want to get together tomorrow afternoon just let me know. Erika’s birthday was in August but she’s just too busy with her friends right now to worry about trivial things like birthdays. I was really surprised that she hadn’t tried to arrange something or at least have me send her money for her birthday. I hate giving the kids money for their birthdays. It’s not the amount, it would probably be cheaper for me especially at Christmas when I tend to go overboard. And I know when I was their age I preferred cash or gift cards. It’s actually my own hang up, I like wrapping presents so if you get something from me I have to be able to wrap it and put a pretty bow on it. Thinking I’m gonna have to just get over that. She’s 15 now and her world is high school and cheerleading. Go purple and gold. I was never a cheerleader, not even close so I have a hard time relating, but I am glad that she seems happy with it. That’s all that really matters in the end.

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Makin A List

I needed a list. I feel better with a list. I just hope I accomplish the list!

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He’s Fine… But Big

OK…. so baby Robert is structurally fine. However, he is big. His head is measuring 42 weeks. The rest of him about 39 weeks. We are actually 36.5 weeks. Everything is proportional, heart activity looked good… and he’s definitely a boy! My OB is out of town today so I’m pretty sure that he won’t see the new measurements until Monday. I’m wondering now if they’ll be calling Monday to have me come in before Thursday. Perhaps they’ll suggest induction. He’s full term size so perhaps he’ll make the decision on his own this weekend. He sure is active tonight. Really pounding away, probably from all the prodding he got today.

We went out and got a few new outfits and sleepers tonight at the Carter’s store. He’s pretty much going to start out in 3 month clothes. I’m hoping the newborn Halloween outfits fit long enough for maybe a picture.

My maternal instinct of October 3rd may still hold out to be true. Time will tell.

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I’m trying to get some work done this morning while I wait until it’s time to go for the sonogram. It’s going so-so. I have a grant I really want to finish up today so I can get it mailed. I have all the components written I just need to get them all together in one document and make sure that everything flows. I’ve also kept up with my emails. So, hopefully I’ll get to the office by 2ish, knock out the grant and be able to have a clear conscience this weekend.

I’m nervous. Ugh! I know large baby not a super huge deal, and we don’t even know yet if it’s he’s large of if the doctors are just measuring wrong. The logical is all going around in my head but so are the what ifs. What if something has gone wrong. What if something was missed earlier. Only an hour and forty five minutes until my appointment. Jim is meeting me there. I’m glad that he’s going too.

In other news. We put the stroller together last night. Cosmo absolutely adores the underneath storage basket. I really think he’s thinking that he will be able to go out with us and ride in style. All other mornings when I’ve gotten up he’s been content in the nursery on the rug. Today, he was in the crib, and not too happy when I took him out. We do have a gate on the door but are leaving it open right now to let him get used to the room and try and desensitize him to it a bit. I don’t think it’s working. It seems as he thinks this baby is going to be his responsibility. After all, he was the one who stayed home with me when I was sick and made sure Jim knew what kind of day I was having when he got home. He’s been the one to do all the great pre-natal massages for the baby and lay over my belly to help it incubate. I have a feeling things are going to get interesting when he finally figures out what a baby really is.

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Pasta Dog!

I woke up the other morning with Harley in my face, so what else is new. She had these reddish brown spots on her face. Doggie measles? They rubbed off and didn’t seem to be bothering her – she definitely wasn’t sluggish or acting sick -so I didn’t worry about it. On my way out the door I also noticed that Jim had done a really good job cleaning the kitchen.

It wasn’t until I got home that night that I discovered the source of the spots. Pasta sauce! Apparently the night before when Jim was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner there was a bit of pasta sauce still left in the pan after he filled the tupperware container. A few hours later he heard “Slurp, slurp” coming from the kitchen and stepped in to discover Harley on her hind legs happily contributing to the household chores by cleaning the sauce pan. According to Jim she had sauce everywhere. He was amused enough to grab the camera and get a few shots. Apparently she enjoyed it but would have liked some garlic toast to really sop it up.

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No Baby on Board sign yet

Not that I will ever put a baby on board sign in my car window. The Coming Soon sign would be more accurate for today. Went to the OB for my 36 week check up today. Of course I’ve seen three different docs in my past three visits… they like to switch it up. This time she asks if the baby has always been measuring big… um, no, not that anyone has told me, heck you have the chart. Apparently the two pounds I’ve gained the past two weeks has been pretty much all baby and he’s measuring 39 weeks… yee ha… take him out he’s done!

Nope, instead they scheduled me for another sonogram. We haven’t had one since 20 weeks so it will be nice to see if this time we actually can tell what everything is without having to just take the doctor’s word for it. You should have heard Jim stammer when I called him and asked if he wanted to see his son tomorrow… guess he was thinking induction, not sonogram. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll figure out that he’s just the right size and everything is fine. I did find a cool pair of pjs at Target today for the hospital. Guess I need to start packing my bag. For some reason I keep thinking he’s coming October 3rd… have no idea why, and nothing to base it on, just maternal instinct I guess.

In other news, today was my brother’s birthday. I sent Mom a nice flower arrangement and a thinking of you card. I’d just rather remember his birthday and his life than commemorate the day he was killed. He would have been 39… sheesh we’re getting old.

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