It’s the Little Things

It really is the little things. The things Jim does that just melt my heart. As busy as he is right now between dealing with his nesting wife and all the stuff he has going on at work he still is constantly thinking about how to make me more comfortable.

I get migraines. They’re not fun and now that we’re past 32 weeks pregnant I can’t take my beloved Excedrin Migraine anymore. A few years ago we found a cream at a popular chain bath store that was touted to be good for headaches. It worked wonders. Of course, they quit making it. So today he took it upon himself to go out to Bath Junkie with the near empty container and worked with the woman there to re-create the scent, cooling effect and texture of this cream. The thought of doing that had never crossed my mind. I’m so glad it crossed his.

He’s also been really great about massaging my back and feet at night. I really notice the difference the next day of when I’ve had a massage and when I haven’t. I know he’s tired too. I know he’s aching too, but his first thoughts are of me.

I hope he knows I do notice, and I love the little ways he takes care of me.


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