I’m Going To Miss This

I’ve been sitting here on the couch surfing blogs and Robert has just gently been moving for about 30 minutes now. No sharp jabs, just soft little rolls. I love feeling him move, knowing he’s still in there and doing well…. at least when it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to break through my rib cage or come flying out of my abdomoen a la Alien.

We’ve got a ton to do tonight. I have a shower tomorrow out in my hometown. It’s a brunch and I’m really looking forward to it. But, I desperately need a haircut and the Explorer needs to be cleaned out and washed. Jim and I are going to divide and conquer… he’ll drop me off to get my haircut and go take care of the Explorer then we’ll go have dinner. Then when we get home we are going to put up the border to finish Robert’s walls. We’ve been saying every night this week we were going to do it but one or other other or both of us keep coming up with an excuse to do it “tomorrow”. I’d really like to have it done so that I can take pictures with me tomorrow.

I’m the world’s worst person about surprises. This is no surprise to people who know me. I’m now addicted to checking our registry online. Today stuff finally started coming off of it… I’m so excited. And it’s funny I’m not particular about what the item is… receiving blankets excite me as much as activity gyms.

Harley was a complete and total pill this morning. She went out and refused to come back inside when it was time for me to leave for work. I finally just got disgusted and decided it was cool enough and she’s wearing a bark collar – she could just stay outside all day, by herself! She hadn’t seen that one coming and I think by the reaction I got when I got home she’s wishing she had re-thought coming in. Instead of lounging on a comfy bed she had the hard ground to nap in all day.


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