I Love It!!!

We finished the border in the nursery tonight and got the curtains hung. Jim moved the furniture where it goes and we got the rug down. I love it!!! I think the dots turned out great! Cosmo especially loves the room… I think he thinks he’s going to live in there with the baby. I had to carry him out tonight hissing all the way because he wanted to stay.

Tomorrow when I’m out at Mom’s I’ll pick up the paint sprayer so we can get the vents and closet doors painted. I also think I’m going to paint the cube shelves a darker blue to match the room trim.

Next step… crib. We’ve got plans most of next weekend so probably the first weekend in October. That will be plenty of time. I also need to get over to my aunt and uncle’s and pick up the rocking chair. My grandfather gave my mom a rocking chair when I was born because his grand daughter would need to be rocked. It’s at my aunt’s house right now so I’m going to bring it here and put it in the nursery under the cubed shelves.

There are so many special things in the room for him already. The middle cube shelf has a pig figurine that my Mom brought back for him in February from Hong Kong. The other two shelves have stuffed animals that Jim has brought back from trips. The plastic horses on the shelf were Jim’s when he was a little boy. The Snoopy stuff is courteousy of my collection. Some of my earliest memories of time with my Dad are sitting on his lap with my brother in a green striped chair in our living room when I was three or four reading the Sunday morning comics. The awesome baskets were a gift from my wonderful friend Dianne.

The closet is filling up. We’re going to put an organizer in there so that we can maximize space.

Tomorrow when I’m at the shower Jim is going to put the new ceiling fan up in our room and shampoo the carpets (Harley stole a half full bottle of coke last week so the living room carpet is trashed).


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