New Realizations…

I found out yesterday morning I can no longer see my feet in the shower. I’m pretty sure they are still there in the shower because I continue to stand, but I can’t see them.

We’ve had a busy day already and it’s only 1:15pm. Got up early to head to Zona Rosa for the big baby expo. Big was definitely an overstatement. We did however get a backpack bottle cooler and entered in a couple of drawings. I was also able to talk to the breastfeeding people from the hospital. A lot less militant than the La Leche League people. Got a lot of good advice and am feeling better that maybe I can breastfeed after all. I think we’ve at least decided to give it a try. After Zona Rosa we ran by Tuesday Morning and even though we didn’t need anything, managed to find $80 worth the “gee this is cool” stuff. In our current world stuff that qualified under “gee this is cool” was stuff for the baby including an infant carrier and socks, new kitchen towels and a doggie shaped humidifier for the nursery.

Then it was on to Outlaw Cigar for the Rocky Patel event. Jim got a couple of great deals on some cigars and got five entries into the raffles. He hasn’t won anything in one of their raffles since the Rocky Patel event two years ago so maybe he’ll win something today.

After a quick lunch we’re home. I’m getting ready to start taking tags off of baby clothes so that we can them washed up and put away once Jim gets the new closet organizer put in.

My friend Connie called today and that reminded me I need to put together a calling list for Jim for when Robert gets here. I also need to get the shower thank yous from last week written today so I can get them in the mail. 31 more days until our due date… gonna be here before we know it.


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