My New Must Have

Jim told me about this a few weeks ago and now I’m absolutely lusting after it. Of course, right now we’re spending all extra on baby so I probably won’t be ordering one this week…. maybe for my birthday.

What I love is the wi-fi. How convenient would it be to literally have internet access as close as my hip pocket… especially with all the places that have free wi-fi now.

Today has been a pretty lazy day. We’ve gotten Robert’s clothes all washed up and his closet organized by size. We’ve already managed to lose one little sock. Ugh! They’re so tiny!

Jim got the living room carpet cleaned today… it looks so much better. Carpet cleaning is quickly becoming a weekly thing rather than a quarterly thing. With vacuuming every day in between.

Now we’re watching the Chiefs. Not going so well for the boys this year. They’re definitely not out of this game yet but we also haven’t seen anything really impressive. I’m debating getting dressed and running to Target, staying home is currently winning out. I can stop one night on my way home from work.

Today I have to finish a couple of files for work; finish the shower thank yous, start my list of phone numbers for the hospital and start figuring out what to put in the hospital bag and start getting it together since I just have a feeling this little guy isn’t going to go until October 23rd. Call it mother’s intuition.


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