The Week So Far… Sickness & Celebration

Yesterday was a not fun day. I woke up in the middle of the night sick as a dog. Thought by the time I crawled back into bed at 5:30am it was over. I was wrong. Got up and showered and it started up again. OK… there’s no way I can go to work like this. Called my boss to tell her I would not be in… she told me she would be out of the office a lot and in the area so if I needed anything to call her and she would bring it by the house… that was so nice of her.

Finally quit throwing up about noon and spent the rest of the afternoon vegetating in bed. Jim got home and I got something to eat, then it was back to sleep for me. I was out until this morning. Luckily I’ve felt a lot better today.

Tonight I met my friends Mia and Ginnie for dinner so we could see each other before RC makes his big appearance (4 weeks until our due date!!!) They’ll both be out of town for the shower which sucks but I understand. They brought RC this really cool papasan bouncer chair. I’m so excited. Mia has two little ones and says it’s a Godsend. She also told me about miracle blankets so I hopped online the minute I got home and ordered two. If Mia recommends it you can be sure it’s the real deal.


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  1. Brighton

    Oh no, I had a nasty stomach virus when I was 9 months preggers with the Bear. Vomiting AND losing control of my bladder at the same time. Good times.

    Hope your feeling better today!

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