No Baby on Board sign yet

Not that I will ever put a baby on board sign in my car window. The Coming Soon sign would be more accurate for today. Went to the OB for my 36 week check up today. Of course I’ve seen three different docs in my past three visits… they like to switch it up. This time she asks if the baby has always been measuring big… um, no, not that anyone has told me, heck you have the chart. Apparently the two pounds I’ve gained the past two weeks has been pretty much all baby and he’s measuring 39 weeks… yee ha… take him out he’s done!

Nope, instead they scheduled me for another sonogram. We haven’t had one since 20 weeks so it will be nice to see if this time we actually can tell what everything is without having to just take the doctor’s word for it. You should have heard Jim stammer when I called him and asked if he wanted to see his son tomorrow… guess he was thinking induction, not sonogram. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll figure out that he’s just the right size and everything is fine. I did find a cool pair of pjs at Target today for the hospital. Guess I need to start packing my bag. For some reason I keep thinking he’s coming October 3rd… have no idea why, and nothing to base it on, just maternal instinct I guess.

In other news, today was my brother’s birthday. I sent Mom a nice flower arrangement and a thinking of you card. I’d just rather remember his birthday and his life than commemorate the day he was killed. He would have been 39… sheesh we’re getting old.


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