I’m trying to get some work done this morning while I wait until it’s time to go for the sonogram. It’s going so-so. I have a grant I really want to finish up today so I can get it mailed. I have all the components written I just need to get them all together in one document and make sure that everything flows. I’ve also kept up with my emails. So, hopefully I’ll get to the office by 2ish, knock out the grant and be able to have a clear conscience this weekend.

I’m nervous. Ugh! I know large baby not a super huge deal, and we don’t even know yet if it’s he’s large of if the doctors are just measuring wrong. The logical is all going around in my head but so are the what ifs. What if something has gone wrong. What if something was missed earlier. Only an hour and forty five minutes until my appointment. Jim is meeting me there. I’m glad that he’s going too.

In other news. We put the stroller together last night. Cosmo absolutely adores the underneath storage basket. I really think he’s thinking that he will be able to go out with us and ride in style. All other mornings when I’ve gotten up he’s been content in the nursery on the rug. Today, he was in the crib, and not too happy when I took him out. We do have a gate on the door but are leaving it open right now to let him get used to the room and try and desensitize him to it a bit. I don’t think it’s working. It seems as he thinks this baby is going to be his responsibility. After all, he was the one who stayed home with me when I was sick and made sure Jim knew what kind of day I was having when he got home. He’s been the one to do all the great pre-natal massages for the baby and lay over my belly to help it incubate. I have a feeling things are going to get interesting when he finally figures out what a baby really is.


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