He’s Fine… But Big

OK…. so baby Robert is structurally fine. However, he is big. His head is measuring 42 weeks. The rest of him about 39 weeks. We are actually 36.5 weeks. Everything is proportional, heart activity looked good… and he’s definitely a boy! My OB is out of town today so I’m pretty sure that he won’t see the new measurements until Monday. I’m wondering now if they’ll be calling Monday to have me come in before Thursday. Perhaps they’ll suggest induction. He’s full term size so perhaps he’ll make the decision on his own this weekend. He sure is active tonight. Really pounding away, probably from all the prodding he got today.

We went out and got a few new outfits and sleepers tonight at the Carter’s store. He’s pretty much going to start out in 3 month clothes. I’m hoping the newborn Halloween outfits fit long enough for maybe a picture.

My maternal instinct of October 3rd may still hold out to be true. Time will tell.

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