Making Progress

Got all my thank you notes written last night and in the mail today. Yeah!!! We did a thorough cleaning of the bedroom this morning. All clean clothes are folded and put away. All dirty ones taken to the laundry room where Jim is busting them out. Works good… he totes and washes then totes back to bedroom and I can fold while laying in bed. He even steam cleaned the bedroom carpet… what a difference that made!

Took a break to go shopping. For God’s sake never try to return anything to Target unless you have a few hours. Got baby bath stuff because for some reason I just wasn’t comfy not having a baby bathtub in the house this very second, along with baby shampoo… I know, it’s just a weird nesting thing. We also took our coupons and stocked up on diapers and wipes, etc. Then it was on to the pharmacy aisle. Seems like we were out of everything from toothpaste to peroxide. That was Jim’s nesting, making sure there are plenty of drugs and first aid products in the house.

Finally we swung through Home Depot. Another return… except there they could credit back my account no problem even though I didn’t have my Home Depot card with me (to avoid those spur of the moment new appliance incidents). We got new switch plates and socket covers for our bedroom… it’s only been a year since we took off the old ones to paint. We got really cool decorative ones and that is currently making me happy. We also got pull chain ends for the new ceiling fans since neither of them came with them. Pretty plain ones for our room but a baseball bat and baseball for Robert’s room. Jim is running around now putting all this stuff up. He fixed the return vent in the bedroom under the careful supervision of Cosmo. This cat cracks me up how he always has to have his nose in the middle of any home improvement project that Jim is working on. I love how he sometimes looks at Jim like he’s questioning something he’s done or trying to give him instruction.

I’m back to folding then going to tackle the bathrooms. For some reason that’s the one room Jim absolutely will not clean, even though I’m convinced he makes the most mess in there. He’s tackling the living room and entry way.

Talked to my Mom this morning. She is entertaining my niece this weekend and they are having a really good time. I told her I got my niece’s birthday present last night so if they want to get together tomorrow afternoon just let me know. Erika’s birthday was in August but she’s just too busy with her friends right now to worry about trivial things like birthdays. I was really surprised that she hadn’t tried to arrange something or at least have me send her money for her birthday. I hate giving the kids money for their birthdays. It’s not the amount, it would probably be cheaper for me especially at Christmas when I tend to go overboard. And I know when I was their age I preferred cash or gift cards. It’s actually my own hang up, I like wrapping presents so if you get something from me I have to be able to wrap it and put a pretty bow on it. Thinking I’m gonna have to just get over that. She’s 15 now and her world is high school and cheerleading. Go purple and gold. I was never a cheerleader, not even close so I have a hard time relating, but I am glad that she seems happy with it. That’s all that really matters in the end.


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