Looking at the Calendar

I was just looking at the calendar… it was four years ago today that my husband got up the nerve to send me an email. Thus starting this whirlwind romance that is still going. That would be a cool day to have our baby. Doctor appointment in an hour. Part of me is hoping I get sent straight over to labor and delivery, time to bring RC into this world. Not to mention Fridays are usually pretty slow at my office so it would give me a few days to send emails to people on what needs to happen for my job next week.

If baby doesn’t come before Saturday he really needs to hold off until the 15th. Jim’s out of town the 10th & 11th and we have a shower the 13th so I hope RC’s paying attention to all of this and tries to be at least somewhat accomodating.

Maybe I should just find some excuse for the doctor today that he has to induce today. OK… we want the kid to be a Libra because we’re both Scorpios and our house needs balance, yeah, that sounds a lot less shallow than, I have plans.


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