Prediction Wrong

Well my gut was telling me that today was the day RC was going to make his big appearance, apparently my first mother’s intuition was wrong. We did our hospital tour last night and everything looked to be ok to me. Tomorrow we have a doctor’s appointment so we should know more then what the doctor is thinking and how long they’re going to let the little guy grow before helping him out some. I’m just so ready to have him here. Jim looked at me like I had lost my mind the other day when I was showing him how cute the newborn diapers are.

Last night I was so miserable. Jim massaged my back tonight and I feel like a different woman. The fact that he’s getting to sleep in the bed tells me I’ll probably get another massage last night. My back was sore last night and I was cramping but not having contractions. Jim was apparently timing my grimmaces (even though I told him I wasn’t having contractions). About the 30th time he asked me if I was OK he had to leave the room. Tonight he’s happily snoring along while I type this.

Work is so busy right now but going really well. I’m torn between needing more weeks at my desk and needing to have this baby and do some work from home. I’m so tired when I get home and really drag in the morning. I’m hoping my feeling better will let me sleep better tonight so I’m not so wiped out in the morning.


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