Another Weekend Gone

Well, Harley sure was happy that Jim got the recliner moved to the living room. She now has the best seat in the house, and it rocks to boot. She’s adapted to the change in the living room arrangement pretty well. It has definitely cut down her running tracks so maybe that will help with keeping her a little more calm when she’s indoors.

We got everything accomplished that was on our list yesterday. We even made it to Barnes and Noble so I could pick up some new books. We also got a couple of books for RC. Jim picked out a cigar magazine and new date book for himself for next year, hard to believe 2007 is close to being over.

Got over to my aunt and uncles to pick up the rocker and not only have they cleaned it up really nice they also bought new chair pads for it. I went into the nursery last night and rocked for a bit, much to the delight of the cat. Wait until he figures out that’s not there for him to be rocked.

We finally took some pregnancy pictures of me. Since it took so long for me to actually start looking pregnant and not just fat. Here I am in all my 37 1/2 week glory.

My headache tuned up yesterday afternoon. The bad part only lasted about 5 hours. Now it’s just a twinge. I think if Jim rubs my shoulders some tonight it will help. It will also help if the humidity would drop some. It’s October and we still have the air conditioning on. I’m ready for some fall weather! They say it’s supposed to be low 70s tomorrow. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Today we took lunch and cake to my grandma. We had a nice visit and I know she’s glad we made it out. I spent the rest of the day between the couch and the recliner while Jim got caught up on the laundry. He still has a few things on his list before he gets out of town Wednesday. He did get the guest room cleaned out so my Mom has some place to sleep when she’s here.

Tomorrow it’s back to work. Since I’m pretty sure it’s my last full week in the office I have a ton of stuff I want to get done. I also came up with a bunch of new ideas this weekend but I’m going to need some help to pull them off so I need to talk to the boss tomorrow.


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