The Big Dinner

Two months ago it seemed like such a long time away. But here we are. Tomorrow Jim heads out to Boston to attend the Two Guys Smoke Shop 22nd Anniversary dinner. Little RC is showing no signs of making an appearance in the next two days so it looks like we are in the clear. I hope Jim has a good time. I know he’d prefer it if I was making the trip with him. Hopefully he gets seated at a table with a bunch of guys who are a lot of fun and he can eat himself silly and enjoy his last night as a childless man out on the town.

For me, I get a night with my Mom. She’s coming into town to spend the night with me so in case RC changes his mind in the middle of the night I can still get to the hospital. I’m looking forward to her being here even though we’ll really only have a few hours together. We never seem to get time alone just the two of us and it’s going to get even harder to come by after the baby gets here.

I totally rocked at work today. It was one of those days where everything just sort of fell into place and I actually managed to get three proposals out the door. Rock on!


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