We’re In The Money!!!

I just got off the phone with Jim, he had a great time at the dinner tonight. The game was deal or no deal style and my husband walked away with $2500 and a box of his favorite cigars…. way to go baby!!! He had a good time and that was all that I could ask.

Baby cooperated like a champ. No sign of contractions anywhere in the near future, they’re gonna have to forcibly remove this little guy, he’s going nowhere on his own volition.

I got a nice evening with my Mom. She even brought everything for dinner.. a nice stir fry of shrimp, asparagus and mushrooms over rice. It was really good, and I generally steer clear of anything green. All in all, everyone won tonight.

Well, everyone but Harley. Poor puppy misses her Daddy so she’s been neurotic as hell all night. It’s bad enough when she’s in this mood when it’s just me home with her but almost unbearable with my Mom here. She’s finally curled up on the end of the bed snoring away. Hopefully she’ll sleep through the night and not feel a need to get up every five minutes to go outside.


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