Welcome to the World Baby!

Well, since we had Robert’s c-section all scheduled for Monday, he decided to come Saturday. Quite unexpectedly I assure you. About 3:30am I woke up with horrible lower back pain. I know my lower back had been sore but this really took the cake. After about 4 hours of not getting any relief I called the hospital to see if there was anything I could do. Talked to a nurse in labor and delivery and she suggested I try hot baths and tyleonol. I thought I might be constipated so I sent Jim out for some Milk of Magnesia.

About 9am I had all I could stand. It was really someone relieve my pain or shoot me. Jim called the doctor, she suggested I come in and get checked to make sure everything was ok.

Finally made it through check in, we had preregistered but apparently that didn’t work because they didn’t have us on file anywhere… ugh.

Once we got upstairs we were hooked up to a monitor and found out I was in labor. I might not have been feeling contractions in the front but I was definitely having them. Furthermore, they were two minutes apart. Then they checked to see if I had started dilating…. I’ll say I had… 7.5 cm. OK, things are really moving now. We had planned a c-section and Jim was great at speaking up with me that we wanted to keep that plan. I was so nervous by then, in so much pain and overwhelmed that I needed something to stay the same. I couldn’t have something else to worry about.

We had to wait on the lab for blood work before I could go to the OR. They took their own sweet time during which I went into transitional labor… my whole body was shaking. I thought I was having a seizure, it was definitely very strange. We finally got to the OR and I got my epidural. Hallelujah! My legs went numb, the pain went away, ok, I could go another 18 rounds.

At 11:23am Robert Charles was born. He was eight pounds eleven ounces in weight and 21 inches in length. He has dark hair and the fingers of a piano player! He’s gorgeous if I do say so myself. I could look at him all day. We are in the hospital recovering from the surgery now. I have two more nights before we can go home. We are getting used to each other and learning what we need to from each other to co-exist. His little personality already cracks me up. He can be a bit of a drama king… but that’s ok, he can do whatever he wants.

I can’t wait until we can go home and all be together to start our life.


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