One Week

Happy One Week Birthday little man. I can’t believe it’s been a whole week. The pediatrician appointment went very well yesterday. Dr. McDonald couldn’t believe that for a whole week we had been feeding every two hours. He said to stop that. Go at least four hours and quit waking the little man up to feed. I think Robert slept for about four hours when we got home. It never dawned on me that the schedule was wiping him out as much as it was us. We’ve also started supplementing his feedings with an occasional bottle. He doesn’t seem to be suffering any nipple confusion and it’s nice for Jim to be able to feed him if I’m asleep or not feeling well.

The cleaning team came this morning. They did a really good job so we’ve contracted with them to come every other week. It will be nice to have someone come in to do the deep stuff and help keep up the floors so all we have to do is maintain in between visits. Definitely a great investment in my mind.

I actually got dressed in my pre-pregnancy denim shorts this morning and put on makeup. I’m hoping that this means my jeans will fit me too! There is so much I want to be doing right now and I keep forgetting its only been a week since my surgery. I think I overdid a bit today and wound up paying for it by spiking a fever tonight. It was high enough it met the “call your doctor” criteria on my exit papers. Luckily since I had no other symptoms they said keep up with the ibuprofen and watch it. I got some liquids in me and thankfully it’s back to normal now.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get downstairs and get my scrapbooking area cleaned up and also figure out what’s going on with the internet to our tower computer so I can start using our network again. The rest of the day is going to be spent vegging out and watching football.


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