Figuring Out the Sleep Thing

Monday Robert and I both had appointments for blood work… ugh! It actually hurt me more when he got stuck than when I did. After his appointment we went to Target to pick up photos for family members who would be visiting Tuesday and for some out of town family. My “big outing” for the day. I swear I feel like I’m on house arrest being unable to drive.

Robert did pretty good all day. Slept a lot in his swing. Ate about every two hours. Had some good awake time with both Jim and I.

Monday night Jim took both the 1am and 3am feedings… I got to sleep from 11:30 – 5:00!!! That was so great! I felt bad since Jim had to go to the office to teach on Tuesday and Wednesday but he said he didn’t mind, the 1am feeding actually seemed to last until the 3 am feeding.. I guess the little guy took almost 6 oz between the two feedings.

Yesterday Robert slept all day. My Mom was here to “babysit” me since Jim was gone. Robert was crashed. He did wake up to eat. I kept waiting for him to wake up to eat in the afternoon because then I was going to take a nap. He slept so long by the time he woke up my Aunt and Uncle were here to visit. No nap for Mommy. I felt bad that all day he barely opened his eyes for anyone. Of course, last night at 11pm he was bright eyed and we had a lot of good one on one time. Jim was in the guest room since he’s teaching the whole day today. We did feedings about every two hours. He’s eating more. He’ll breast feed and then still want a bottle. This morning at 9 he breast fed then had 3 oz of formula. Then for an hour or so he was wide eyed and bushy tailed. We got changed and dressed and he googled and cooed the whole time. I love those moments.

Today my best friend Renee is flying in from Vegas and coming here straight from the airport. It will be so good to see her. I know she’s gonna love this little guy. We’ll just see if he opens his eyes for her.


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