What A Difference!

Last night Jim took care of all things baby! I got eight and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep… what a difference it makes. I’m so thankful to have a husband who is truly a partner in everything. Little man is rolling over from his back to his stomach… at 11 days! I couldn’t believe it when he did it yesterday and thought it was a fluke until he did it again! My little baby genius!

My best friend Renee flew in yesterday to meet the little guy. She stayed with me all afternoon. It was fun to have someone here to chat girl stuff with. She loved the baby, she also thought he was a genius. I’m not a big sushi fan so I got an appetizer sampler.

Robert discovered his Baby Einstein play gym yesterday – perfect for our little wiggle worm. He really loved it. He was especially fascinated by the light up star that played music.

Today I had a grant due so I got up at 7 and put the finishing touches on it then we all got ready to go (takes a lot longer with a baby) and headed to my office. Robert was well taken care of by my boss and co-workers and we had several offers for babysitting which we will be using in the future!

We headed to Target after delivering the grant and picked up baby supplies. Over $100.00 in diapers, wipes, formula and bottles. Between our coupons and the gift card from Jim’s company we got it down to less than $50 out of pocket.


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