The Fart Side

For the longest time The Far Side was one of my favorite comics, still love the classics. I just got Larson’s twisted humor. These days my life is more on “The Fart Side” as Robert battles gas. I find myself cheering his gas passing. “Great burp little guy, how about another one?” I’m not sure I’m finding this super fulfilling. But then he looks at me, or quiets when I pick him up – now that’s fulfilling. In between his naps and gas passing I’m managing to keep up with work e-mails and hope to start getting some creative stuff for work done later this week. I need to comb through the over 100 pictures that Jim took at the race on Sunday and design a thank you card for the sponsors. Then I need to design the winter newsletter and get Wendy a list of story assignments. I’d also like to get some grants out. I need work, I need the mental outlet. Even though I’m not in the office my thoughts are still there and all the things that need to get done before year end. But right now my main focus is this little guy, and his farts.


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