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Sometimes It Has to be Personal

I love personalized stuff! I just think it makes it that much more special. So, of course, Robert’s stuff has to be personalized. It helps when you know there’s not going to be another child so no need for sharing later.

My Mom has some friends who run an embroidery business. They are the sweetest little Jewish couple. I mention they are Jewish because two of their products are Christmas stockings and Family Tree Skirts. When we got married my Mom got us a tree skirt. They put the family name and year you were married on it along with the bride and groom’s names. Then when you have children/grandchildren you add them just like a family tree. Lou and Betty gave Jim and I our stockings as a wedding gift. Today Mom picked up our skirt wth Robert’s name added to it and once again Lou and Betty gifted us with a stocking for him. These are things I truly will treasure. Not just because I think they are so cool but because of the love and thought that they were given with. The pictures really don’t do the skirt or the stocking justice. I’m so anxious to get the house decorated now!

Then on ebay I found these adorable Snoopy blankets. Personalized and Snoopy… well that was a no brainer. Robert needs a blanket for preschool and you can’t pass up anything that has Baby’s First Christmas on it!

The other blanket is a large polar fleece blanket that my friend Denise LaBoube got for Robert. I babysat all four of Denise’s kids when I was in high school. They joke that I was the family nanny. The blanket she gave us will grow with Robert. We put it on the floor now for tummy time because we can fold it to have multiple layers and be soft and cushy for him. As he gets older he can take it to the stadium with him to wrap up. I just love it.

Jim just called and is on his way home. When he gets here we’re off to Target and Babies R Us. Since Harley is being the hound from hell chewing everything I’m afraid of what she’ll do with the tree. We’re going to need a baby gate/yard type thing soon enough so I might as well get it now and it can guard my tree. I wish that dog would get out of puppy phase… only a year and a half more to go.


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These Two Make Me Insanely Happy

I love watching my husband with our son. I just came up from the basement to find a sleepy Jim sitting in bed giving Robert his bottle. He is so good with him. I love when I’m in the basement and hear him talking to Robert on the baby monitor. He’s so gentle and loving. I love listening to him talk to Robert and sing to him. He’s always willing to drop what he’s doing and take care of whatever Robert needs at the time. I love how he puffs up when we’re out in public and someone comments on Robert.

I love how Robert loves to curl up on his Daddy’s chest and take naps with him.

I knew Jim would be a good Daddy when I met him but seeing him in action just melts my heart.

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Our Furry Babysitters

Harley and Cosmo really missed Robert the Furless. Tonight they have watched his every move. If that kid makes a sound they are on it. I love Cosmo’s new perch on the changing pad. Harley is getting a little bit bold venturing into the playpen… gonna have to watch her. She’ll be sleeping outside of the bedroom until she breaks herself of that.

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We’ve Been At Grandma’s!!!

Before I realized that I was going back to work on December 3rd I had told my Mom that Robert and I might come out and spend the night with her since Jim was going to be gone. After I realized that I was going back to work that day I also realized that with the original plan I would have had to take the dog to the kennel. I’m not looking forward to transporting the dog and the baby in the same vehicle until we get the doggie gate for the back of the Explorer!

So, we decided to go to Grandma’s this week. The original plan was to go out Tuesday morning and come home Wednesday afternoon. At least that was my plan. Then I was talking to Mom on Sunday and she suggested that we come Monday afternoon so that way we wouldn’t have to worry about getting up early Tuesday. (It’s a 45 minute drive). Mom had sent invitations/talked to several people who knew me and told them we’d be there and to drop by and see the baby. A little coming out party for a 6 week old. Monday morning we got up and went to the doctor then did some running. I came home and loaded up the Explorer (the amount of stuff it takes for three days is insane!) and we headed out to Mom’s. Wednesday morning when I said I thought we’d leave about 4 that afternoon Mom thought we ought to stay and come home Thursday morning instead. I gave in.

My niece and nephew were practically raised by my Mom the first 10 + years of their life. Robert is her first chance to be a real grandma. Spoil them and send them home. He’s also the only baby in 15 years and my Mom was definitely ready for a baby.

Robert got to be held and rocked by Grandma. She would give him his bottle and tell him stories. She hugged him and kissed him and doted on him. He really blossomed under all of her attention. He’s smiling a lot these days and I even managed to catch one of them on film. Last night he was in his swing just chattering away. I got to sleep and hang out with my Mom between visitors. I also got to run to the outlet mall to get Jim and I sweaters for our Christmas picture and some new tennis shoes without the baby. It was great and although I was ready to see Jim I’m not totally sure I was ready to come home. It didn’t help that Harley trashed the house today so I came home to what looked like a disaster area. Grrr.

We are scheduled to do our yearly holiday portrait on Sunday. I’m using the guy who does pet photography — actually he does portrait work too. In the past we’ve used Sears but their prices have just gotten really unreasonable for what you get. The one thing I always want is my photos on CD. At Sears I’ll pay at least $100 for that and last time they only wanted to give me the images they showed me not all the ones they shot… bullshit folks! This guy will give it to me for $50. And this year we can take Harley and have her in some of the pictures too.

Apparently Jim got offered a ticket to the Chiefs game this weekend so he wanted to know what time we were doing the portraits. Um, excuse me but Robert and I have been gone all week. The next two weeks you are travelling Monday through Thursday… I don’t think you’re going to a football game. Normally I would encourage him to go but give me a break… we need some family time! He needs some time with his son!

Tomorrow we’re going over to Aunt Barb’s house because Aunt Sue is here. It will be her first time meeting Robert. Thank goodness we went shopping Monday and he has a cute new outfit to wear 🙂

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Jim’s Christmas – Done!

Our first Christmas I was trying to do something really creative and special for Jim. I wound up getting ahold of the Cigar Aficianado’s list of Top 50 Cigars of the Year and buying him the top 5 rated non-Cuban cigars. Took a lot of searching the internet to find them but I did it. I made a special card up that told about each cigar and also made him a personalized Cigar Journal that I had bound. He absolutely loved it. I loved that he realized it took a lot of effort and that it was a labor of love. That was the beginning of my demise. Last year about this time he said to me, “I can’t wait to see what you do this year.” Oh boy, he’s expecting creativity and thoughtfulness two years running. So, I got him the top two cigars from each country listed on the Top 50 list – again no small feat and a lot of internet searching. A lot of times you can find them but only if you want to buy a box… I can’t afford 12 boxes of cigars at once! I made up a pamphlet that told about each cigar and had a map of it’s country of origin. It’s Christmas again. And although my husband hasn’t said anything yet I know what he’s thinking. God Bless Two Guys Smoke Shop, they must have sensed that their loyal customer, who 37 weeks pregnant sent her husband to their anniversary dinner in Boston, needed a stroke of genius. They did the leg work for me and this year are selling the Contender Pack. The seven cigars in the final running for 2007 Cigar of the Year all in a leather travel humidor… send it to me boys! I’ll do a nice card/pamphlet and be done! Of course, since it wasn’t as much work as in the past I also ordered him a couple of cigars I’ve been reading about I think he’ll enjoy. Three gifts down! Tonight I went on Amazon and chose a nice selection of Cigar books… not a big enough order to qualify for free shipping so I tossed in a Shrek 3 DVD… count that as stocking filled and my shopping for the husband is done!

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It’s Going to be a Busy Week

It’s going to be a busy week and today was no exception. We got a move on early today (before noon) to get to Zona Rosa so Robert could see the fairy princess. The Fairy Princess started at a department store in Kansas City years ago. After the store closed the Fairy Princess was resurrected by the Kansas City Museum. Zona Rosa now hosts her for the first few weeks in December before she goes to the museum. You can read about the history, etc. here. Anyway, I thought it would be cool since this is a Kansas City tradition to do it with Robert. We were third in line. It took 30 minutes to get to see the Princess. They were doing free photos today (yeah! saved $10 I wasn’t expecting to!) but the woman running the camera had no idea what she was doing. She also helped one customer at a time. Which included letting you through the rope one at at time instead of having the next person in line filling out paperwork or seeing the Princess while the photos of the person before you printed. Thank God we were third in line. Hopefully I get the picture scanned today so I can share it… of course Robert slept through the whole experience.

Then we headed to catch the last day of the sale at Old Navy. Among the things for Robert pile were these cute onesies. I just couldn’t resist. And of course we had to get the matching socks! I know, I’ve become baby clothes insane. He actually does need more clothes since we are officially out of the 0-3 month size and into 3-6 month. He’s 13 pounds now, these clothes will take him to 16 pounds, what I don’t know is when that will be. Is it a week? Two weeks? A month? It’s really hard to tell. I have a coupon for $10 off $50 at the Carter’s outlet so I’m going to pick up a few more things there tomorrow and call it good. Oh yeah, and a few more of the blanket sleepers from Children’s Place because they are so warm and cuddly, I love how he feels when he has them on.

After Old Navy it was the requisite trip to Target because God knows you can’t go more than two days without a trip to Target. I’m thinking about putting an office in their little cafe to cut down on travel (we live a whopping mile from the store). We got the rest of the supplies on his preschool supply list and of course diapers and formula. We should be good for a few more days now.

After we got home my Mom and nephew Donald stopped by to visit on their way taking him home. He spent the weekend with my Mom which I know she was thrilled about. He and his sister don’t get out there as much as they used to and I know she misses them terribly. Donald held the baby the entire time he was here. And Robert loved it. They are quite the team. Donald is going to make a great babysitter!

Tomorrow after my doctor’s appointment we are heading out to the outlet mall with Ann. We always have a great time together and this will be my last chance for husband free shopping for a while.

Tuesday and Wednesday we are out at my Mom’s house so her friends can come meet Robert. I’m thinking about going out Monday night… all depends on how worn out we are from the shopping. Just thinking of everything I need to pack is making my head swim. I think we’ll take his swing if we go Monday night. He enjoys it most of the time so it will be nice to have somewhere to put him to chill out for a bit.

Thursday we don’t have a damn thing planned… don’t tell anyone or they’ll call wanting to do something! Friday we are back over at Ann’s so that my Aunt Sue can meet Robert and then we’ll all go out to lunch together before Ann, Sue and my Mom take the wreaths out to decorate my grandparents graves at the cemetery.

Right now Jim and Robert are both asleep. I got all of the stuff labeled for preschool and put in bags so it’s ready to go next week. My to do list this afternoon includes do some writing for a project at work that needs to be completed by the 30th; wrap presents so that they get off my dining room table, hook up the scanner, get the scrapbook/craft area and office in the basement organized so I can get some work done and start packing for Mom’s. It’s almost 4 now… I better get busy.

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The Return of Home Improvement Cat

A bolt fell out of the recliner the other day. Jim was trying to figure out where it went so he could repair it. Luckily, Cosmo the Home Improvement Cat was home to give Jim a little guidance in just where the bolt came from. These animals… I swear they get more human every day… either that or Jim and I get more like animals. Hmmmm…

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