You Know It’s Bad…

…when the dog and cat have no faith in your parenting ability. Last night Robert was having a horrible night. I think it was a combination of the gas and just being overtired but we crossed the line of no return where nothing was making him happy or calming him down. Jim and I were both doing everything in our power to try to help the little guy and it just was not going well. All of a sudden the dog and cat both stormed the room… got through the gate and the door that had been pulled shut. They both came straight to the bed to help assess the situation and settled at the end of the bed… Cosmo in the play pen. Eventually Harley got a bit closer to add her two cents.

Luckily Robert did finally get some sleep so Jim and I did too. I know he’s got to be totally wiped out today. I’m hoping that Robert lets me have a nap or two today.


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