Happy Days!

Little man slept like a trooper last night… so Mommy did too! Jim did the 10:00pm and midnight feedings and then retreated to the guest room. Little man woke up at 3:00 am, had a bottle, then decided it was time to babble to Mom for a while. We cooed and babbled until about 5:00am, then we slept until 10:00!!! It was so great to wake up feeling good and with a happy baby.

He’s now snoozing in his papasan chair. I’m getting ready to hop in the shower really quick, I’m becoming a master of the 3 minute shower! We’ve got some errands to run this afternoon. We need to pick up our pictures at Sears, and we also need to look for a little something for Daddy’s birthday. He got his big gift of the trip to Boston already but he needs something to open too. Then we have a meeting for my job. I’m taking the baby to show him off and then Jim will pick him up and bring him home.

Two more people got in touch with me today wanting to come meet the young prince so tonight we need to do some picking up. Harley has this new game of seek and destroy. She likes to get something and bring it right outside the gate to the bedroom when I’m in there to see if I’ll stop what I’m doing and trade her a treat for whatever she is chewing. She just loves raising the stakes. Unfortunately last night her choice of chewing was anything paper… ugh!


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