Good to Go

Robert was in a great little mood today. In between naps we had a lot of great “face” time where he got to just look at me and we talked. He was the perfect baby all day. We ran to the mall to pick up our portraits and do some birthday shopping for Daddy. We got him a sweater and Robert got the cutest Christmas outfit and another fleece sleeper.
And it continued in to tonight when we headed to Buffalo Wild Wing for the big race wrap up meeting. Everyone was amazed at what a great baby he is. He slept for most of the meeting -even though the restaurant was way beyond noisy. Then we played pass the baby. Jim had come to pick him up but things were going so well he stayed for dinner and took Robert home so I could go to Target baby free. I picked up a car seat bunting since the days are definitely getting colder. It has a cutout for his face since he HATES for us to cover his face with a blanket.
Now it’s 9:30pm and he is in his pajamas, asleep in his playpen. I am so blessed! Hopefully we have another night like last night where he wakes up to eat and then back to sleep.

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