Now I’m Going to Hell…

Robert slept like a champ again last night… except for the every 2-3 hour feedings. Since today is Jim’s birthday I let him sleep through the night and did all the feedings so he got 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Consequently, I felt like crap this morning having slept in less than 3 hour increments since it’s impossible for me to go right back to sleep after waking up.

Finally about 10:30 Robert and I fell asleep. I was just getting really good and out when the damn doorbell rang. I got up as quickly and carefully as I could as to not wake the baby but get to the door before the bell rang again. I opened it, looking like a leftover Halloween decoration I’m sure. Hair going every which way, bloodshot eyes, sleep pants and an oversized t-shirt. There was a woman in her 50’s and a woman in her 20’s standing there looking at me rather shocked and the younger woman managed to stammer “Did we wake you up?” Yeah lady, I know it’s after 11 but I also have a newborn so sleep is catch as catch can. Normally I’m polite to these people, I don’t stand there and listen to them but I generally give the polite “thanks but no thanks”. Not today. None too politely I snapped back, “Yes, you did!” It didn’t stop her. She started flipping through her Bible and said “Perhaps we can share this track with you” just as I unceremoniously shut the door in their face. So, I’m probably going to hell but that’s ok, today I’m dressed for it.


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