Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep, it’s my birthday today. When your birthday is the day after your husband’s it makes for a little birthday marathon. Jim got home last night and opened his gifts. The Boston trip was part of his birthday but we also got him a cashmere sweater and a new long sleeve KU t-shirt so he’s ready for basketball season. He also got an uninterrupted night of sleep the night before. I felt bad that I hadn’t gotten out to get a cake for him but he was fine with it. We went to Lone Star for dinner. The food was ok. They had three HUGE parties there so it was a bit slower than normal and Robert got a bit fussy when it was time to go but all in all it was not too bad.

Last night I got to sleep in the guest room and Jim took care of Robert’s night time feeding needs. Jim can fall asleep anywhere, anytime so he gets a bit more than I do even waking up every two to three hours. For the most part the little trooper slept pretty well.

Normally I’m like a kid at Christmas trying to figure out what Jim is getting me. This year I have absolutely no idea. Haven’t even looked at the bank statement the past few days to see where he’s shopping.

Aunt Barb is coming at 11:30 to take Robert and I out to lunch. I just finished giving him a bath… is there anything better than a freshly bathed baby? (even though it’s not so pleasant bathing him right now – he hates it) He’s got on a fresh new outfit and just had a bottle so hopefully he’ll take a nap so I can get a shower and get ready.


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