Rockin The Home Network

The internet has been down on our main computer for a while now… which is weird because the wireless network still worked. Today Jim completely broke down the tower and moved it putting all the wires back in a more organized fashion including bundling with zip ties. Still no internet. I spent 40 minutes on hold with Road Runner to never get a human being. Finally I tried the online chat help… it wasn’t helpful, at all. I won’t go into details. Finally I got everything working and reset up the home network. Everything is now working including remote print! YEAH!!! I’ve spent the better part of tonight unzipping digital scrapbooking supplies that I’ve purchased/downloaded to the laptop since the network went down. I also went on a shopping spree at SweetShoppeDesigns yesterday. Got a lot of really cool stuff! Now that everything is working, unzipped and I can access it from all the computers maybe I’ll get some pages of Robert done. I do still need to get my kits a little more organized. I’m trying to figure out how I want to label things to make them easier to find. I have so many kits now it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Robert has been a really good guy today. I slept until about 11 since I knew the next two days and nights are pretty much all me since Jim is teaching and he needs a good night’s sleep in order to stand and teach for 8 hours in a day. He took a great nap this afternoon in his crib in his room! Yeah!!! Tonight he went to sleep with very little fussing. Hopefully we can go for three hours between feedings and he’ll go to sleep after eating… we will see.


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