One Month

Robert turned one month old today. I can’t believe how much he’s grown in a month… definitely a healthy baby! Nights are still a bit of struggle for Jim and I trying to make sure we both get some sleep has become a balancing act. I’m hoping that soon Robert starts taking a bit more formula at night so that he starts sleeping a little longer. Every two hours is just too short for me to get him fed and back to sleep. What’s funny is he’ll do three and four hour stretches during the day.

I know this is my child:
— he’s already very opinionated and always right in his mind
— he has no concept of night and day or proper sleep patterns of normal people
— he has full head of thick hair that goes in every direction

I know this is Jim’s child:
— if he’s hungry, nothing else happens until it’s rectified
— he can fall asleep anywhere at any time
— he’s pretty gassy 🙂

He just gets cuter by the minute. The best is when he gets in his cuddly moods and all he wants to do is curl up on your chest and snuggle in.


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