What is Today???

So Jim announced at 6:45 this morning that XYZ Company is in town today and he might need to go out to dinner with them tonight, he’ll call me to make sure it’s ok before he commits. I just looked at him bewildered — did they contact you telepathically overnight? Why is this the first I’m hearing of this? He forgot! I tell you his short term memory sometimes! I know right now there are big changes afoot at his company. They’ll announce the new VP of Sales and Marketing on December 9th. We know Jim is not in the running for the job but the outcome of the decision could have a huge impact on his career. There are a few opportunities for promotion and even changing departments for Jim… which could have a huge impact on his earnings. But more importantly it could have a huge impact on his happiness. I know he has some great ideas he wants to put in motion and has gotten a chance to do a few of them and they worked out great. He likes his job now but if he could be thrilled with it that would mean the world to me. He already has a ton more travel planned for the end of this year and the beginning of next year than he had last year. That’s a bit harder now that Robert is here but we can handle it. A few of the new opportunities would probably mean even more travel. I know that will be hard on Jim. Right now he jokes he’s going to start traveling so he can get a good night’s sleep. I know his first trip he’s going to be a basket case worrying about us.

Did I have a point when I started typing this??? Oh yeah, if Jim calls and they’re going out to dinner I’ll put on a happy face and assure him everything is fine no matter what is going on here – then pray that this is a group of guys who think dinner goes from 6-8 at the latest… not 10 or 12!

So far Robert is having a pretty good day. He was in an awesome mood at 6 this morning. A lot of propping up on my and looking around. The rest of the morning has been eat and sleep. He’s down for a nap now and when he wakes up we’re going to eat, change clothes and head to Target. Dear Harley ate another bottle yesterday and a pacifier today. I’ve got to get better about putting stuff up higher and she’s got to get better about chewing on the million toys she has instead of Robert’s stuff!


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