Saturday Ramblings

The cleaning company called this morning at 9am – they were supposed to be here at 9:30am – they had another client who wanted them in the morning so they were going to be here at 12:30pm. Jim fielded the phone call and told them that would be fine this time but that we had requested mornings for a reason. Then fumed at me for thirty minutes when I got out of the shower. We decided that we would talk to them when they got here and let them know that we were willing to be flexible but we’re going to need more than thirty minutes notice.

Ann came by and picked me up and we went to the Waechterbach outlet sale. I picked up four of the You Are Special Today plates for $7.00 each! They retail for $37.00. I had always known I wanted to get one when I had children so when Mom told me about the warehouse sale I knew I had to go. I also picked up a case (12) of the candles for $25.00. At just a little over $2.00 apiece it’s a great thing to have on hand for holiday gifts at both of our offices.

When we finished up there we stopped at McDonald’s to get something to drink and then hit the Dillard’s outlet at Metro North. I wound up getting a really cool oversized shirt for $10.00 – regularly $70! Of course, Ann and I had a great time together as usual. We can both just make the other one laugh with our silliness. By the time we left Dillard’s I was leaning against the buidling trying to catch my breath from laughing so hard. I’m surprised no one called an ambulance, they had to think I was having some sort of fit.

So we got back here at 12:30… no cleaning lady. Finally at 1:30pm I called her to say we’d no longer be needing her services. I loved the job she did but of the three appointments we had she wasn’t on time to any of them. I’m seriously bummed… and have to dust and vacuum now. I did get on Craig’s list and found one other that looked good. I’m hoping she does Saturdays but if not I’ll just have to make sure that I put Harley in the garage or our bedroom on the days she comes.

The KU football game is on this afternoon so I’ve sent Jim to the cigar shop to watch it. At first he said he didn’t want to go and leave me here alone with Robert. Sheesh, we do this every day. Not to mention, right now is Robert’s afternoon naptime so it is the time to be gone! And I know that he needs time to go hang out with the guys. Of course when he balked I said you better go before Robert starts crying because then I won’t let you go… he was changing his shoes when Robert tuned up. It was so funny I was heading to the nursery to get Robert when Jim said, “what do you have a button that shakes him or something?” Robert just wanted a little Mommy time and quickly went back to sleep so Jim quickly went out the door. I hope he has a good time.

I better go get to cleaning… ugh!


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