Good Lord Child

This is my child right before I put him to bed. Asleep in my arms, peaceful as a dove. He feels good laying across my chest. After approximately 15 minutes in bed he was AWAKE! We had a bottle, still awake, we laid across Daddy’s chest – asleep but woke up the minute we put him to bed, swaddled him – still awake. For the past two hours… yes, two hours I have walked the floor, jostled, jiggled, rocked and cajoled this little boy… he was never crying real hard he was just awake, and determined to stay awake at any cost, even his poor mother’s sanity. Finally, he gave in to the sandman and is back in his bed. Hopefully this means he will forego his usual being AWAKE at 2 or 3 in the morning for a few hours. Somehow I doubt it, he is my son, if he’s asleep he’s sure he’s missing out on something.


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