Take MY Picture Mom!!!

Before Robert “The Furless” came along we had our other children, Cosmo the cat and Harley the dog. Lately they have been showing classic signs of sibling rivalry. The other night when I was taking Robert’s picture Harley practically insisted that I take hers too. She kept moving in front of me and sitting down looking at me, I swear in the first picture she’s trying to smile for the camera.

Cosmo has started demanding Mom time at night. He used to curl up on my chest for petting at bedtime and lately has wanted that to be the routine again. Move the little furless one Mom, Cosmo wants his time. Tonight I was trying to read for a bit while laying in bed and Cosmo came up to be petted. I petted him for a while then tried to go back to my reading. He sat on the book. Guess I need to remember I’m Mommy to three in this house, not just one.


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