Gotta Get Moving

Thanks to my wonderful husband I got a full night of uninterrupted sleep last night. To make up for the night before when I got none! It’s 8:30, Robert is sleeping and I need to get moving. We have preschool orientation at 10:00. There are several things that I love about the preschool which is going to make it easier to go back to work (which I am ready to do!). First, it’s part of the non-profit I work for so Robert will be in the same building as me and I can go visit him any time I want to. It’s also an inclusive preschool so it serves typically developing kids and kids with disabilities including medically fragile children. Because of that there is a physical therapist, an occupational therapist and a speech language pathologist on staff. So far we don’t need their services but it’s nice to know if we do they are there. Not to mention the full time RN. And, all the lead teachers have early childhood education degrees. I also like the fact that Robert is going to be exposed to children with disabilities. Studies have shown that this exposure will help him to be more compassionate and less afraid of people who have different abilities from him. The classrooms are also larger in order to accommodate wheelchairs and the staff ratios are lower. I’m not sending him to some daycare where no one knows me. Robert will be Susanne the Development Director’s son. I’m the one the staff comes to when they have a special project they need money raised for. The other bonus is I’ll be in the actual preschool every day and see everything first hand. I don’t currently do that. It will make me better at my job having him there.

The best part is my boss is a family woman and has told me on more than one occasion if I need him in my office with me to bring him in and we’ll play pass the baby. He has met my co-workers on a couple of occasions and they love him. Of course, how could you not?

Well the shower is calling. I better get moving.


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