First Snow

Seventy five yesterday, thirty one today… how’s that for a swing in the temperatures. We also had the first snow of the season even if it was just a very light dusting.

Robert and I decided that there was nowhere we needed to be today so we just hung out and had a lot of play and cuddle time. Is there anything better than a clean baby in a new blanket sleeper. He was so warm and cuddly. We did our tummy time and he enjoyed looking in his new mirror… until he finally had enough of “that other kid” and was ready for him to go away so he had his Mommy all to himself. I just love his expression in this picture.

We are getting a lot more sleepy smiles right now, I just haven’t been able to catch them with the camera. Most of the shots lately he has his mouth open and his tongue out… he is my son.

Jim got home early. He went to the grocery store over his lunch hour and called to tell me that was a big mistake… I tried to act surprised. Um, it’s the day before Thanksgiving dear, what exactly did you expect? He is now busy in the kitchen. Tonight for dinner we’re having spaghetti and meatballs. Tomorrow we’re supposed to bring five cup salad which I will make later tonight, takes approximately 5 minutes and that’s because you have to open 2 cans. We were also put in charge of crudite and wine. Jim picked up a premade veggie tray but he’s decided to also make two types of pate. I’m not exactly a pate type of gal so it doesn’t interest me a whole lot.

It dawned on me tonight that I am neither pregnant or breast feeding, I can have an adult beverage… so I’m warming up to a coffee with Bailey’s. Winter is officially here in my mind.


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